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The easiest, most efficient method to trim rows of shrubs and bushes or style detailed and intricate landscaping is using a powered hedge trimmer. Additionally, they provide you with the capability to prune perennials, grasses and ground cover. High-quality trimmers should provide a clean, even cut, giving your yard a wonderful, well-groomed appearance. This article will allow you to be aware of the different kinds of power sources, blades boasting so that you can obtain the hedge trimmer most suitable to your project.

By using a hedge trimmer, you'll groom and sculpt all your bushes in a fraction of the time, so you can lower your expenses time trimming plus more time enjoying your yard. All you have to decide is which is better for you, electric or gas?

Electric Hedge Trimmers

With no need for gas and oil, electric hedge trimmers take the mess and equipment maintenance out from trimming your hedges. They offer other benefits at the same time:


Whether you choose battery power-powered or possibly a corded plug-in hedge trimmer, you'll find it's incredibly user-friendly and convenient. If you're trying to find something that's easy to carry and doesn't require understanding of small engines, this is actually the tool to suit your needs.

Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

Gas hedge trimmers provide more power than their electric counterparts. They have more features to make trimming pleasant, including several of the following examples:

Vibration dampening systems
Adjustable handles that rotate as much as 180 degrees
Exhaust systems built to direct exhaust from the user

Gas hedge trimmers use 2-cycle engines, so you'll have to mix gas and oil in the gas tank. However, they're suitable for large yards that require more heavy-duty trimming. Because there's no cord, you're able to roam wherever the hedges require.

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Hedge Trimmer Blades

Hedge trimmer blades may be found in certainly one of two styles:

Single-sided blades
Double-sided blades

Double-sided blades tend to be more common as well as cut more effectively. Single-sided blades are safer because you can remember to keep the really advanced clear of you.

A wide array of blade lengths provides different user experiences. Longer blades enable you to trim bushes more evenly but might be tougher to wield. Smaller blades, including 18" are sufficient for trimming average-sized hedges and bushes.


There are many of safety features you are able to look for when choosing a trimmer. Tooth extensions, models that cut power to the blade, dual switches and front-handle shields all will enhance your operation while keeping you safe.

Tooth extensions help prevent your legs along with other parts of the body from coming into experience of the teeth, minimizing the likelihood of getting cut.

Try to find models that cut power to the blade when you release the trigger to minimize the opportunity of any sort of accident.

Dual switches require two-handed operation for safer use.

Trimmers that secure the "off" position prevent children from accidentally activating them.

Front-handle shields prevent your forward hand from contacting the blade.


Features for example wraparound handles, high-carbon steel blades and additional battery packs may help you customize your hedge trimmer in order to meet your exact needs.

Wraparound Handle: Wraparound handles enhance comfort by enabling you to conserve a comfortable position no matter your angle.

High-Carbon Steel Blades: Not merely will high-carbon steel blades last longer and offer more effective cutting, they could be sharpened to prolong life.

Lock On: If you're undertaking long, difficult tasks, a lock-on feature can help reduce fatigue by helping you to keep cutting without having to depress the trigger.

Translucent Fuel Tanks: Gas-powered units with translucent fuel tanks let you closely monitor fuel levels to ensure that you don’t run out during work.

Pigtail: A pigtail can be a short time period of cord that connects to an extension cord. Having one about the end of your corded electric trimmer will make it easier to plug in and unplug the extension cord while minimizing the possibilities of an accidental disconnection.

Poles: If you need to trim hard-to-reach areas which are high up, a pole extension gives you the length you ought to get the job done.

Kits: As well as functioning being a hedge trimmer, some kits permit you to convert the tool to a string trimmer, patio broom or other useful device for added versatility.

Extra Battery Packs: When you choose a cordless electric trimmer, extra battery packs will give you extended runtime for larger jobs.