Celestial's Electroplating Facilities
The process is a science. The result is art.

Celestial's Plating Technique provides high quality plating for the automotive, plumbing, appliance, marine & consumer markets.
Strict adherence to process controls, the use of inhouse testing & analysis, & a dedication to on-time delivery have made Celestial a leader in the plating industry worldwide. Regardless of the application, Celestial's goal is to maximise the value of your finished product.

Celestial is a leader in implementing and applying the latest advancements in plating technology, to assure the highest efficiency & quality.

We also have an in-house laboratory, which performs the most sophisticated tests on a continual basis to assure each & every piece we produce meets our exacting production standards.

Simply put, we take the quality of our products very seriously because our customers do. We're extremely proud of our ongoing, long-term relationships with our customers; their repeat business is a true testament to our quality, our service and our commitment to delivering exactly what they wanted, when they need it.

Our state of the art electroplating process creates a strong, mechanical bond between the plating and the plastic, actually strengthening the plastic part, for even greater durability wear & corrosion resistance.

Celestial offers the full range of bright, satin and brushed finishes in chrome & nickel, along with black, brass, gold & bronze.

Our quality control processes are state-of-the-art. They maximize first-run production success & keep rework to an absolute minimum. Our quality methods include:

- Computer controlled system monitoring
- Electroless copper for proven better adhesion


Celestial Provides Unparalleled Quality
We have the most advanced, computerized in-line process controls, & we monitor quality continuously. Our "closed loop" quality assurance system inspects all plated pieces for 16 different attributes in real time; the information is fed into the computer system for ongoing monitoring. So, problems or trends are identified - and corrected - quickly and efficiently, for minimal waste of time or resources.
Our chemistry lab performs 112 wet tests on a daily basis. Process variables such as chemistry and temperature are also monitored constantly.
Of course, we're ISO/TS 16949: 2009 Certified Co. In short, we do it right the first time. That keeps our costs low and maximizes our production efficiency.

Our quality control follows our parts - forever
Plastic parts are audited after 24 hours for the same 16 attributes that were checked in inspection. This information is fed into the computer and attached to the original files. Once parts are accepted by the auditor, a green label is attached. This label and another which shows the date and shift that the part was plated allows traceability for the parts in the carton. Our goal is zero defects - based on specifications agreed upon with our customers.

Performance Tests Available (In-House Laboratory) :
The following tests are routinely done as specified, other tests are also available on request.
- Kocour- thickness
- C.A.S.S. - Corrosion
- Acetic Salt - Corrosion
- Thermal Cycling (Dry) - plating life
- Thermal Cycling (Wet)- plating life
- X-ray Fluorescence - non destructive thickness measurements and material analysis (Currently outsourced on request)

Product VALUE begins with an excellent fiish...

How do we keep quality so high and prices low?

- Wide experience
- State o­f the art QC (ISO/TS 16949: 2009)
- Continuous on-site testing

- Very low reject rate
- In-house polishing & Buffing
- Efficient Manufacturing processes

- In-house Design- Engineering & tooling
- In-house Molding
- Sizes- Small to very Large
- All finishes

Celestial's Plating adds VALUE
- Through enhanced product appearance
- Through increased durability & corrosion resistance
- By increasing the strength of plastic components





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