Electroplating Facility at IMT Manesar

Our new state-of-the-art plating line for exterior applications is designed specifically to handle any sized component – even oversized – that need the extra durability, corrosion- and wear-resistance required in outdoor and exterior situations, including automotive and marine uses.

This high-capacity plating line will handle small, medium and even oversized plastic pieces for exterior use, primarily in automotive, truck and marine applications, that require extra-high durability, corrosion and wear resistance.

The new electroplating process incorporates additional layers of nickel to the traditional plating formulation, which serves to add considerable strength and scratch resistance.

Additionally, the new line was designed to handle large-sized plastic pieces, to further extend Celestial’s ability to service new and existing customers.

The new line is in response to demand in the industry for high-quality, low-cost domestic platers who can meet the rigid durability specifications required for components used in exterior applications.