Celestial's InHouse Testing Facilities

Corrosion / Salt Spray Chamber Test
Test Space Capacity :1000x750x1000mm
Temperature Range :+ 25C to + 60C +/-1C
Relative Humidity Range :97%, +/-3%RH
Collection Rate :0.5 to 3.0ml per Hour
Performance as per :ASTM B-117, JIS 2371, IS 5528,
QM 333IEC68JSS55555,
IS 9000 part x1, IS 6910
Environmental Test Chamber (With Temp. & Humidity)
Test Space Capacity :1000x750x750mm
Temperature Range :-40C to + 125C+/-1C
Temperature Accuracy :+/-1C
Humidity Range :20% to 98%, +/-3%RH
Dew Point Range :+4C to 85C
Climate Range :+25% to 85C
Rate of Change of Temp. :1C / Minute
Performance as per :ISO 9000,JSS 50101 & MIL 202

Our Quality Follows Our Part............ Forever !!!

Quality Control Laboratory Having All Testing Facilities In House

  • CASS Testing for Corrosion Resistance evaluation ASTM B 117/368
  • Acetic Salt Spray Test As Per ASTM 287
  • Dry Thermal Cycle Testing For Adhesion As Per ASTM B 568
  • Plating Thickness Test As Per ASTM B487 , ASTM B 504 / 568
  • S . T . E . P . Test
  • Micro porosity
  • PH Meter
  • Grind Saw
  • Bend Test
  • Scribe Grid Test As Per ASTM B-571
  • Complete Chemical Analysis For All Solutions