Social Responsibility and community Development

Social Welfare and Community Development is at the Core Of Celestial's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy and continues to be a TOP priority for Celestial International Group . It revolves around our deeply held belief in the Principle of symbiotic relationship with the local communities , recognizing that business ultimately has a purpose - to serve Human needs .

Close and continuous interaction with the people and communities in and around the manufacturing divisions has been the key focus while striving to bring around qualitative changes and supporting the underprivileged .

Our contributions to the community are in the area of :

HEALTH : Drinking Water
: Eye Camps
: Blood Donation Camps
: Free Medicines for Kidney Stones , Piles , Diabetes (Sugar) , Joint Pains, etc.
ENVIRONMENT : Effluent Treatment
: Tree Plantation
: Treatment Of Hazardous waste
OTHER ACTIVITIES : Relief & Assistance in the Event of a Natural Disaster
: Contribution to Social Development Organisations etc.